CS401: (additional post) what I found at the last Career Fair

So for my last post (probably EVER)…I would like to share what I found out at the last career fair I went to, which was the Boston Startup Job Fair held at Microsoft NERD Center last month.

I think there were about 44 companies there, can’t remember the exact number, all of them are startups, with size ranging from just 2-man company to like about 100 people. And every company was looking for either UI & Web (both front & backend) developers, and Mobile App developers.

I plan to go to another Career Fair definitely after the summer, to see what the bigger companies or corporations are looking for in the developers. But if you want to get a job for the Startups, definitely start learning (if you don’t already know) either web development or mobile app development.

Now there are pros and cons to working for a startup. The startups are small (obviously) and so the employee’s benefit may not be that great (maybe no dental?…just kidding), they probably will not pay for your training or certifications (since they are startups they might not be able to afford it) and the salary is possibly lower than working for bigger companies. On the contrary, some of the benefits…are listed here http://theyec.org/14-top-benefits-of-working-for-a-startup/

But I think I personally might be interested in working for a startup (for a start of my career) because you can actually grow with the company as you keep working, and you won’t be “just” another employee like you would for working at a big companies.

Anyways, good luck for all my graduating classmates, hope you get the jobs that you want!! and for the ones that I’ll be seeing again next semester, have a nice summer vacation!!!


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