CS401: IntroPages

I am now working on making the introduction page for our Orantes Project.

I had done two versions of the IntroPage (as I call it) and showed it to Tim, to see which one he prefers.

First one is the basic jQuery Mobile page with left, right, and home buttons to navigate between pages, like this:



The second one is the slide up-down one, like this


Tim said he prefers the sliding one, and he gave me a website that he likes, http://bttls.com/, which has button you can press to slide down or up to the previous or next page, respectively.

So I am now working more on the sliding version IntroPage. And a few days ago Tim also sent out the photos for both the Screensaver and the IntroPage. Unfortunately there have been so many events going on last week so I have not had the chance to continue to work on this much, but I will definitely have more stuff to show Tim tomorrow in class and I will update the blog again very soon.


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